3.4 mil matte white vinyl
Clear removable adhesive
FILM TYPE White Polymeric Vinyl
ADHESIVE Emulsion Acrylic
RELEASE LINER White Clay Coated Kraft
OUTDOOR DURABILITY Not formulated for exterior use

GF 850 White Paint Mask is a 3.4 mil matte white vinyl coated with a removable acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on a 78# clay-coated liner. The vinyl is formulated for ease of cutting while retaining resistance to common solvents encountered in typical spray paints and automotive finishes. In combination with the removable acrylic adhesive this product has the tack to withstand edge lifting in normal painting processes while removing cleanly after the paint has dried. The 78# bleached kraft liner provides an excellent base for plotter cut graphics and home craft applications.


Paint Mask

What types of transfer tape should I use with GF 850?
In most instances a medium tack application tape should work, such as TransferRite® 6582. For multiple color alignments, we would recommend using a frosted matte tape such as TransferRite® 1510 or a clear tape such as TransferRite® Ultra® 1310 Clear.
What is a typical use for GF 850 Paint Mask film?
Paint Mask films are often used to mask off the first color coat when painting accents or decals using a second or third color. These base colors must be thoroughly dried and cured before the Paint Mask film is applied. All paints vary to some degree and this product must be tested in the specific process before production.
Are there other uses apart from automotive painting?
Yes! GF 850 Paint Mask can be used as a stencil for things like creating floor graphics in gymnasiums, decorative painting or etching with craft projects, or branding mesh fencing for tennis courts and construction sites.
I want to heat cure my paint; What is the recommended bake cycle for GF 850?
The product is designed for low bake cycles up to 110°F, though it may handle higher temperatures based on your individual settings. As with the adhesive, it is recommended that you test thoroughly before production.