Custom Product Options

Specialty Coating Innovation is what keeps General Formulations ahead in the industrial coatings business; not only for designing unique applications and better properties for improved end results to meet customer demands but also for answering to the unique budget pressures in today’s manufacturing markets.

General Formulations specialty Film & Laminate Solutions are designed for performance. Offering more than 70 years of experience in developing industrial adhesive and film constructions, particularly in the solvent based and waterborne technologies.

Are you formulating an adhesive application to metal? Plastic? Glass? Specially-engineered emulsion and solvent adhesives can be co-developed with the latest film substrates or standalone transfer adhesive systems which are available for general industrial finishing of metal, plastic, and glass products.

General Formulations Research and Development laboratory has modern pilot coating and finishing equipment to take your product from design to reality.

Please call General Formulations at 800-253-7387 for information on how we can make a custom product for you.