MetroMark for Short Term Wraps (SDG Article)

    Over the last decade we’ve primarily used two different kinds of transit vinyl. We find that both products work very similarly and are very easy to apply. We pair them with a pressure sensitive, calendered overlaminate for protection. The laminate also provides a little extra thickness that makes both installation and removal much easier. On large national accounts, like fast-food restaurant advertisements, we will receive a roll of ads that we install. Unfortunately one of the ways these national accounts keep costs down is by providing us with the
    same transit media but with a thin (less expensive) liquid laminate rather than a thicker film laminate. Liquid laminate is effective for protecting the print, but in our experience—because film with a liquid laminate lacks body—it is trickier to install, take longer to apply and usually ends up with more flaws. They also take longer to remove. We currently use MetroMark Transit vinyl from General Formulations. It’s a flexible, matte vinyl that is opaque and has a nice removable adhesive. We’re happy with the color output and ease of installation.  I would recommend checking out the spec bulletins for the media you’re considering. Look at the suggested applications, the adhesive and durability. 

    For the full article, reference pages 49-53 of the Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine (online or in print)