GF 235 MotoMark™ "GRIP" Vinyl

MotoMark - "GRIP" Matte White Vinyl - Special "High Grip - High Bond" Adhesive Download Bulletin
Summary: GF 235 MotoMark™ 4.0 mil “GRIP” is specially formulated premium flexible matte white PVC film. This film has a unique “High Bond” acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with a 90# Layflat liner. The adhesive is formulated for the powersport graphic and decal markets. GF 235 MotoMark™ can be printed on a variety of solvent-based, latex, UV and thermal printers that are commonly used in wide format. This product may also be printed on using other printing processes such as UV screen and UV curable offset but must be tested before production.
Applications:GF 235 MotoMark™ is designed for applications where a flexible premium film with special high bond adhesion is required. GF 235 MotoMark™ is recommended for applications such as, Quads, Snowmobiles, Motocross, Powersport Vehicles, Helmets, and Carts. Testing is always suggested before application.

Recommended to use GF 238 MotoMark™ 12mil “ARMOR” Gloss Clear UV overlaminate. This will add ultimate protection, performance and durability to the graphic or decal.
Film Thickness:4.0 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Adhesive Thickness Side One:1.8 to 2.2 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Liner Thickness Side One:6.7 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Temperature Ranges:Minimum application temperature +40°F.
Service temperature -40°F to +180°F.
Dimensional Stability:Good.
Expected Exterior Exposure:5 Years. Under normal exposure conditions.
Adhesion:To stainless steel: 100 oz/in. (1.1 Kg/cm)
To HDPE: 80 oz/in. (.89 Kg/cm)
PSTC-101 Method A with 24 hr. dwell at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Typical values. Individual values may vary. Test thoroughly before production
Water Resistance:Excellent.
Humidity Resistance:Excellent.
Solvent Resistance:Excellent.
Storage Stability:Six months shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
Product Codes:235-24  24” x 150’ roll
235-30  30” x 150‘ roll
235-54  54” x 150’ roll
235-60  60” x 150” roll
Recommendations:Completely evaporate inkjet solvents before application. Failure to do so may facilitate solvent penetration resulting in vinyl degradation. Always thoroughly test this product to confirm that it meets your requirements. Proper surface preparation requires cleaning with alcohol or acetone to clean and remove contaminates before application. Failure to prepare the surface can cause premature failure of the graphic or decal.