GF 333 AutoMark™ Drift™ PW Wrap Vinyl

Gloss White Polymeric Vinyl - GREY SLIDEABLE REPOSITIONABLE PERMANENT Download Bulletin
Summary: GF 333 AUTOMARK™ DRIFT™ PW is a 3.0 mil polymeric gloss white conformable print media with a grey repositionable acrylic adhesive on a slideable air-egress layflat liner. The “DRIFT” technology allows the installer to float or drift the media over top of the OEM painted surface. The installer can then position and reposition the media until they are ready to engage the adhesive on the PSA film. GF 333 is designed to accept a variety of solvent, latex and UV curable inks common to wide format digital printing systems. The grey repositionable adhesive offers excellent opacity and exceptional repositionability and slideability. GF 333 AUTOMARK™ DRIFT™ PW is specifically engineered for use in partial vehicle wrap, fleet, and decal applications.
Applications:For Partial Wraps, Fleet and General Signage applications.
Film Thickness:3.0 / 7.6 (mils/μm)
Adhesive Thickness Side One:1.0-1.2 / 25-30 (mils/μm)
Liner Thickness Side One:105 / 170 (#/gsm)
8.0 (mils)
Liner Type:White PE-Coated Kraft, Slideable Air-Egress
Temperature Ranges:Application Temperature: > +40 °F
Service Temperature: -40 °F to 200 °F
Dimensional Stability:MD < 0.40 mm / CD < 0.30 mm (FTM 14)
Expected Exterior Exposure:up to 7 years
Adhesion:Peel Strength on Stainless Steel  15 min: 1.3 / 5.7 (lbs/in) / (N/25mm)
Peel Strength on Stainless Steel  24 hrs: 2.6 / 11 (lbs/in) / (N/25mm)
Peel Strength on OEM Painted  15 min: 1.0 / 4.4  (lbs/in) / (N/25mm)
Peel Strength on OEM Painted  24 hrs: 2.2 / 9.6  (lbs/in) / (N/25mm)
Removability:2 year Clean Removabilty*

* Removal may require heat. Up to 15% adhesive transfer may occor in certain situations.
Storage Stability:2 year shelf life at 70 °F / 50% (Storage Temp / Rel. Humidity)
Opacity:98 %
Product Codes:333-54 (54" x 150')
333-60 (60" x 150')