GF 108 DuPont™ Tedlar® Clear PVF Overlaminate

Gloss Clear Tedlar® Clear PVF Overlaminate - PERMANENT ADHESIVE Download Bulletin
Summary: A 1.0 mil transparent DuPont™ Tedlar® Clear PVF Film coated with a solvent permanent pressure sensitive adhesive on a 53# overlay liner.  Recommended for use in overlay applications requiring extended resistance to UV exposure, color stability or abrasion resistance. GF 108 made with DuPont™ Tedlar® is graffiti resistant. See cleaning recommendations listed below.
Applications:Designed to extend the exterior exposure resistance of graphics, decals, and nameplates.  This overlay will protect inks and graphics from fading caused by exposure to UV radiation.
Film Thickness:1.0 mil.

(Thickness variation +/- 10%)
Adhesive Thickness Side One: 0.8 to 1.0 mil.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)
Liner Thickness Side One:3.0 mils
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)
Liner Type:53# liner
Temperature Ranges:Minimum application temperature           50°F.
Service temperature                              -40°F to +225°F.
Expected Exterior Exposure:Tedlar® has excellent resistance to UV degradation. 
May extend the life of inks and films up to 10 years under normal exposure conditions. 
Results may vary with specific inks and films.  Always test the specific product thoroughly before production.
Adhesion:To stainless steel:    36 oz/in. 
PSTC-101 Method A with 24 hr. dwell at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
Typical values. Individual values may vary. Test thoroughly for your specific use.
Water Resistance:Excellent
Humidity Resistance:Excellent
Product Codes:108-54              54” x 150’
Recommendations:GF 108 made with DuPont™ Tedlar® film is easy to clean. Tedlar® film can be cleaned with a simple mixture of soap and water. Light washing should be all that is needed to keep graphics looking clean and bright. Most paint or sprayed on graffiti can be can be removed with suitable commercial solvents without damage to the Tedlar® surface. The procedures for removing stains can be divided into three categories, depending on the staining agent. In all cases, cleaners should be applied generously using a soft cloth with very light pressure to avoid polishing the stained area.
• Easy Method: (Cloth Only, Wet or Dry) Many staining agents can simply be wiped from the Tedlar® film using either a wet or dry cloth.
• Mild Method: (Soaps, Household Detergents) Some staining agents require the use of warm, full-strength solutions of standard detergents,such as Fantastik.
* These stains should be removed with a soft cloth and detergent solution and given a final rinse with clear water to effect maximum stain removal.
• Moderate Method: (Solvents) Many staining agents, especially those with heavy oil or grease bases, will require the use of a solvent for removal. To remove asphalt, tar, road oil, grease, fresh paint, or caulking compounds from Tedlar® film, use a good grade of mineral spirits, kerosene, naphtha, turpentine, or commercial automotive or road-oil removal agent. Follow the procedure with a detergent rinse and a clear water rinse. For the most stubborn stains, solvents such as acetone, toluene, or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) may be used.*
*Follow best practices for using protective gear when using commercial based chemicals.
Tedlar® is a DuPont™ registered trademark for polyvinyl fluoride film.