Concept Perf Films now OUTFRONT MEDIA approved

    General Formulations Concept 232® (50/50—50% transparency) and Concept® 260 (60/40-40% transparency) were both recently approved by OUTFRONT MEDIA to be used on bus windows for advertising.  Both Concept 232 and 260 are 6 mil White/Black Vinyls with 2 year durability and 1 year removability.  Concept® 232 and 260 have a dual release liner construction that is compatible with all printing systems. General Formulations Concept® 242 is approved to be used as overlaminate to be used on both Concept® 232 and 260. Concept® 242 is a glossy 2 mil Optically Clear Cast UV Vinyl overlaminate with permanent adhesive and a frosted polyester liner. For further information please check out our website at